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Freight Forwarding Within Ports

NordImpex LTD undertakes freight forwarding in the following terminals of the Arkhangelsk port:

- Ekonomia Terminal;
- Bakaritsa Terminal;
- Zharovikha Terminal;
- all the railway stations of Arkhangelsk.

We offer the following services:

  • Cargoes receipt and clearing;
  • All the types of loading and unloading;
  • Cargoes reloading/refilling;
  • Loading to the owned containers: ISO-20, UK-5, UK-3;
  • Tallyman, Surveyor services;
  • Additional packaging of cargoes (manufacture of wooden boxes and grating per GOST 15846–2002);
  • Sale of fasteners and separating materials, with delivery to the particular terminal;
  • Safe storage (custody);
  • Handling the cargo documents in transhipment, departure and destination points with all the relevant authorities;
  • Development and co-ordination of loading, allocation and securing diagrams for the flatcars, low-sided cars and full-height cars.