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Export-Import Shipments

NordImpex performs multimodal shipments from Europe, USA and China, and transportation within Russia by sea, roads, rail and air. As usual, cargoes are shipped on door-to-door basis; we make arrangements for the whole process of shipment, from loading at Consignor's store to unloading at Consignee's store.

Always, when undertaking multimodal shipments, we try to make them as much effective as possible, to save time and money of our Clients. When shipping the cargoes by various modes of transport we account for all the possible factors and risks that might emerge during transportation.

At the planning stage, we develop the optimum logistic chain. Our specialist would advise the best route and transportation modes with due regards to geographic conditions and carriage options.
If undertaking shipment we provide full-scale handling of documents, so our clients and partners have complete package of shipping and other documents for every particular delivery.
Many years of experience, professionalism of our employees and vast variety of specialities ensure reliability and effectiveness of such a complicated type of transportation.

Sea Container Carriage from Europe, USA and China to Arkhangelsk.

Container carriage is an ideal option both for major and small shipments. Sea container carriage is the most popular type of maritime shipments all over the world. They are secure, economically reasonable and allow keeping the goods safe and sound. Cargo is to be packaged and placed into container only once; all other operations will be handled with containers that protect the cargo from possible damages.

NordImpex Company renders the following services:

  • Cargo Shipment in 20 and 40 feet containers;
  • Development of shipment chains via the major commercial sea ports;
  • Delivery of cargoes by automotive/railroad transport to and from sea ports;
  • Forwarding within ports, administering of repackage/refill at the land boundaries;
  • Drawing up the complete package of documents;
  • Door-to-door delivery of containers;
  • Any import and export shipments by vessels of appropriate tonnage using containers of various types;
  • Transhipment in ports (including out-of-gauge and heavy loads);
  • Cargo insurance, if required;
  • Monitoring of transportation throughout the route
  • Custom support / cargo clearance;
  • Warehousing of containers and cargoes.