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Transportation of outsize cargo

NordImpexLTD for many years carries out activities related to the transportation of bulky goods.

Freight carried by all modes of transport. We offer a full range of services for our partners, which includes all the necessary procedures for the unimpeded delivery of cargo.

When transporting bulky cargo by road through the territory of Russia:

  • We select the appropriate specifications for transport;
  • We agreed with the customer the basic conditions of loading, stowage of cargo;
  • We obtain permits to transport the traffic police;
  • Serve vehicles at the point of loading;
  • If necessary, arrange cargo handling;
  • We provide reliable fastening of the cargo before transportation;
  • If necessary, we provide support cargo on the route;

Departing directly on the specifics of transport by road, we want to note that we, geographically being in Arkhangelsk, carrying out activities in all the territory of the Russian Federation.

When transporting bulky cargo by sea:

  • We organize the reception and storage of cargo in the port of Arkhangelsk, the terminals "Save", "Bakaritsa", "Zharoviha", "Fishing port", "Left Bank";
  • Develops and coordinates the project of sea transportation, which includes schemes for loading and fastening cargo, all necessary calculations for the safe transport of goods by sea in relation to the specific ship on which the shipment;
  • We carry out loading / unloading of cargo;
  • We provide reliable fastening of the cargo on board the ship and the provision of separation of materials;
  • If necessary, we provide an additional package, part of packages;

When transporting bulky cargo by rail:

  • We organize the reception and storage of goods at the railway station;
  • We select the necessary rolling stock;
  • We expect the degree of oversize and railway fare;
  • Develops and coordinates the administration of the railway scheme for loading and lashing;
  • We provide loading and unloading;
  • We carry out cargo lashing platform in accordance with an agreed scheme;

When transporting bulky cargo AIRLINE:

  • Ensure the receipt and storage of goods in freight terminals and airports;
  • Develop an optimal delivery scheme and selection of aircraft (airplane, helicopter);
  • We organize cargo handling;
  • Delivery of cargo on suspension (helicopter);
  • Organization of charter flights;

Calculating the cost of transportation is carried out for each cargo.

For more information you can send us an e-mailnordx@nordx.ruor call +7(8182) 613-700.